There were reports this week that Edun the denim and fashion line by Bono and his wife Ali Hewson (picture above with denim designer Ronan Gregory) has not been selling as well as expected. From what I have seen of their jeans the problem seems to lie in the fact that because they refuse to use sweatshop labour their jeans have a very high price tag (£200+) which just doesn’t seem to be justified by the jeans themselves which are rather uninspiring.

Bono is not the only celeb to run into trouble with his jeans line though, as I mentioned previously Jessica Simpson is being sued for $100million by The Tarrant Apparel Group for failing to promote a line of jeans which she licensed her name to. Whilst it has also been reported that after a falling out Rock & Republic may not renew the contract they have with Victoria Beckham to design and promote their jeans. As far as I am concerned this is all a good things, celebs should go back to what they do best and leave designing jeans to the experts.