In my opinion when it comes to men’s denim the heavier the better. Most jeans (Levi’s, Diesel, etc) are made of 8-12oz (ounce per square yard) denim. If you want to find something heavier you have to look to Japan – where the heaviest range of jeans (21oz) are made by Ironheart. Whilst the idea of wearing a pair of jeans made of material twice as thick as you are used to might sound daunting, they are actually extremely comfortable and although they are warmer than the average jeans you could still wear them on a sunny day without overheating. The 21oz straight selvage are similar in style to 1966 Levi’s 501s and the attention to detail – stitching, pockets, rivets is second to none.


  1. Ironheart jean are smashing, legendary, timeless- the fit the wear..second to none..highly recommeded however please be aware of the £140 price tag RRP for most of the jeans!

    Timeless jean, what more can i say!


    Bit boring for some, the whole range is a bit dry too-

    Only recomeded to denim purist as vinyl is to audiophiles.


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