News from Australia that Levi’s are to launch a brand new style of jeans to be known as “The Carrot”. As the name suggests the jeans are baggy around the thighs and taper down to a narrow ankle. According to the press release they are “inspired by the Tokyo’s underground subcultures and bring a fresh attitude to an otherwise tired and drab denim world”. I don’t know about you but these are pretty much the worst looking pair or jeans I have seen since Levi’s Engineered Jeans – which apparently are also being re-released this year.


  1. I guess there’d been a japanese limited edition by the levi’s back a few yrs ago ..which looks a bit like this but even more edgy with an very baggy butt and softer demin …..i cant recall the model #

  2. Can you get these in the US yet, anything similar? Anybody know when they are releasing them?

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