The Ltd Edition Levi’s x Clot UNIONRAIL 501 jeans have been made in commemoration of the contribution made by the Chinese in United States during the 19th century. The Transcontinental Railroad which connected east and western United States was was built by the Central Pacific Railroad of which 90% of the employees were Chinese. The workers wore a denim work outfit because of the durability of the fabric and these jeans have been customized to show signs of wear such a paint, grease and rips similar to those that would have been seen on the orginal railroad workers. The thread used in the stitching is red and gold which are the colours of good luck in China. I like the idea behind the jeans but I am afraid they are a little too fussy for my liking. Just as well because these jeans are only available in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


  1. Why are these jeans only available in Hong Kong and Taiwan? They were designed to commemorate Chinese-Americans and their contributions to 19th century United States. They were American citizens and should be recognized as such. Dedicating a pair of jeans to them and not even marketing it in America just seems pretty hypocritical to me.

  2. I agree with Evan, these should be available in the US, and for the reasons he mentions. That said, Chinese were barred from US citizenship until well into the twentieth century (unless they were born there). Nevertheless, theirs was a huge contribution and these commemorative denims are very awesome.

  3. You guys should research the item first before criticizing it. This pair of jeans is released by a Hong Kong based company, Edison Chen’s CLOT. It is limited to 500 pairs. It is because of his company’s exclusivity that it’s only released in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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