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Nudie – My New Favourite Jeans


I have just bought my first pair of Nudie Jeans (Regular Ralf Dry Selvage) and I cannot recommend them highly enough. These are the best looking, fitting and feeling pair of jeans I have worn in years. They are made from 14.5oz denim and the style is straight bootcut that is slightly narrow at the knee. What I especially like about these jeans is the way in which you age them. You buy them untreated and then wear them for six months without washing them, in that time they mould themselves to you like a second skin. When you wash them they loose their colour in the stress points leaving them with a fade that is completely unique to you. There is even a forum dedicated to the best ways to care for and age your jeans. The people behind Nudie are obviously true denim lovers who understand the importance of a great pair of jeans.


  1. nudies are the stuffy stuffs. only true denim geeks appreciate the greatness of teh nudiezOrz. anyway, this is a great site man, great taste, and keep it up, and make sure you focus more on the hardcore denim nerd brands and related what nots. no more of this ‘what jeans do the olsen twins wear’ bullocks. well, unless theyre wearing cut-offs, then its cool.

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