Denim Therapy claim to be able to reconstruct any degree of worn or tattered denim. Instead of a patch, the jeans are analyzed and prepped with a fusable fabric that’s used under the hole. Then the proper color thread is selected and it’s into an embroidery machine which reweaves the fabric. The end result (see photo) whilst not quite a brand new pair jeans sure beats having to through your old jeans away.


  1. This solution is very techy but I have nothing but jeans I’ve had to repair while I wait for flares to come back in fashion. All you need to use is iron on denim patches (John Lewis haberdashery) fix these to the inside of the jeans where the wear and tear has occurred and then sew around the edges of the patch to stop it peeling. I’ve extended the life of my favourite jeans by years through this method, the sewing takes a bit of time but the cost of the repair is under £2.

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