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April77 – Fast Living Denim

April77 – Fast Living Denim

April77 are based in France and have produced a very distinctive collection of denim that is inspired by late 70s punk and new wave bands. The jeans come in an ultra skinny fit and are designed to be worn with brothel creepers, a leather jacket and a quiff. April77’s brand manifesto states that they dig The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and Motorhead but that they do not do fading, distressing or leather patches. To get away with a look like this you are going to need more than a little punk rock attitude.


  1. speaking of the rolling stones though, I saw a commercial for a VH1 special on this band Platinum Weird where Mick is saying that they’re “the most famous band noone’s ever heard of.” I think they’re some band from the 70s that never released a record or something? check out this clip though
    does anyone know about this?

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