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Celebrity Denim – Paris Hilton

Celebrity Denim – Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is omnipresent these days and no blog worth its salt would be
without a comment on the self-proclaimed “icon”, so here is mine. I suspect
that some money changed hand in order for Paris to be seen wearing these Genetic Denim Recessive Hydrogen Wash Jeans, I can’t believe she actually handed over any of her her own cold hard cash for this pair of cheap looking faded jeans. Genetic Denim is not a brand I had come across before so I did a little research, their website takes the novel approach of not actually having any photos of the jeans they produce, instead there are photos of launch parties and profiles of the founders who are apparently “surrounded by Hollywood’s A-Listers seeking the next hot trend” and can count Jay Z and P Diddy amongst their social circle. That was enough to turn me off, if you like you jeans designed by Hollywood hangers-on then Genetic Denim are the ones for you.