A few weeks ago I mentioned PRPS Jeans (which are worn by Brad Pitt and David Beckham) in one of my entries, well this weekend I succumbed and bought myself a pair. Most of the PRPS Jeans come highly aged and distressed, but I chose the darkest pair of Classic Selvage One Wash Jeans. The beauty of these jeans is all in the details, they are made of cotton from Zimbabwe which is woven on Japanese looms, the selvage is purple (rather than the usual red), the rivets are black (rather than copper) and the buttons on the fly are each a different colour. However, none of that would matter unless the jeans fitted well, and these do, like a slightly looser 501 at the top with a wide straight leg below the knee. These jeans do not come cheap but to a denim snob like myself that just means that you are less likely to see anyone else wearing the them.


  1. Hey Andy- How can I get more information on the selvage jeans, and are they close to the old style, I mean high waist and all that… I used to buy repro LEVIS, but even they’re scarce now! Also, what do your jeans run per pair, and are they available in 36 waist, 40 length? Thank you for your time, Slick Andrews

  2. Hi Andy,
    I’m interested in buying a pair of PRPS classic jeans but am concerned about the fit – as i’ll buy them on the web without trying them on.
    I already wear the nudie reg ralf dry selvage jeans – are the PRPS ones of similar dimensions or are they much baggier?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Hi Andy,

    I’m interested in Buying some prps jeans. Where in London, England can i find them. I’ve google but nothing seems to come up.

  4. i would like to know where i can fins your jeans in italy close to Vicenza, which store can sell your jeans, thanks
    awaiting your comments

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