Yesterday I wrote about the detrimental effect that regularly washing your jeans is having on the environment. Now I am one of those unusual people that washes their jeans as infrequently as possible. That’s not because I am a smelly old tramp but because I love my jeans to look as dark as possible. This article on denim care tips from the experts shows that I am not alone in my obsession. Christine Rucci, co-founder/designer of 5EP Jeans recommends that you “do not wash your jeans…wear them ‘til they’re stanky. Then, you can either rub a dryer sheet on them or spray Febreze” whilst Donwan Harrell, owner/designer of PRPS Jeans says “I don’t wash my own jeans. I always start with a pair of raw denim and wear them down to what looks ‘washed’ naturally.” I couldn’t agree more.


  1. If you’re worried about being mistaken for a smelly old tramp, make sure that you only follow Rucci’s advice to turn your jeans inside out, spray them with Anti-Microbial Febreze, and hang them outside in the sun.

    Personally I don’t think dryer sheets work all that well, as they only mask odors.

    As well, keeping a clean, dry, paper towel or two folded up in a pocket is a good tool to use to minimize damage on those nights when a trip to a bar gets a little messy. There’s nothing worse than spilling a drink on yourself and not having anything around to mop it up. Stale beer definitely increases the stank levels of any seldom washed denim.

  2. This no-wash mentality is an exercise in vanity and stupidity. I wash my jeans inside out in cold water on gentle cycle with Woolite. It saves money on drycleaning, keeps them fresh and they stay darker longer. It is foolish to think you can keep your jeans new forever. With today’s fast style changes, why would you want to? They’ll look obsolete long before they ever fade to the point where you dislike them. By that time, you’ll buy a newer, trendier brand.

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