1921 Jeans appeared in the news last week after Victoria Beckham took a couple of days off from the World Cup to visit the company headquarters in Winnipeg, Canada. It would appear the Victoria may be on the lookout for a new denim deal following the news that her existing relationship with Rock & Republic may have soured. Western Glove Works, the manufacturer of 1921 jeans is one of the oldest family-owned denim manufacturers in the North America and they have made use of their own archives to produce a collection of denim which is inspired by jeans that were around at the turn of the century (I assume they mean 1900 and not 2000). These jeans are already popular with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton, whilst Teri Hatcher’s character Susan in Desperate Housewives is also a fan of their 1921 Flare Jean. If 1921 Jeans do successfully manage to lure Victoria Beckham away from Rock & Republic they can be sure of acres of publicity which would help them move up into the premier league of premium denim brands.