David Bitton Jeans is a brand that I hadn’t heard of until last week when they managed to grab some great free publicity courtesy of Victoria Beckham. Apparently when Mrs Beckham’s stylist rang asking for some jeans she was sent waist sizes 23, 24 and 25. Now guess which size the super skinny footballer’s wife kept? It turns out Victoria’s waist is only 23 inches, which to put things in perspective is about the same size as a 7 years old childs. Somehow the story found itself leaked to the press who had a nice little frenzy about their “health fears” for Posh and the bad example she is setting, whilst the previously little known denim brand had its profile raised significantly.


  1. Hi,

    Omg, david bitton jeans. I used to wear those when I was in High School. those are also known as Buffa by David Bitton. Retail for less than $100 in Canada. I didn’t know Posh was inviting offers from that company when she came to Canada…

  2. Yep – Deavid Bitton are truely the best fitting jeans around at the moment – although little known about them in the UK the USA and especially Canada love em. i found a fantastic site above that sells them and also provides a fab service ! The sizes of the jeans come in half sizes too so you can get a pair to fit everyone. They charge 3.50 P+P to the UK. I alsoway buy direct from them as they arrive the next day to my door, none of this driving into the city.

  3. hi every one i just wanted to say i have found the best fitting jeans in the world on my door step…. they have opened a store in Carnaby street, the jeans are brilliant and so are the clothes ….

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