are one of those dubious sites that claim to give you something for nothing. Normally I wouldn’t give such a site a second look but they are claiming to be giving away free Paper Denim & Cloth jeans. If you want to be eligible for their offer you are going to need to sign yourself up for a bunch of other stuff such as “free trial offers, credit cards, free quote requests and other free or low-cost offers“. Some of these offers require a small purchase, while others are free trials or free applications which do not require a purchase (and can be cancelled without obligation). Personally I would be very surprised if anyone ever actually received a pair of jeans from such an offer, but you never know. If you do get yourself a free pair of jeans please email me to let me know.


  1. hey the new jeans is amazing….
    first i use to think that nobody is perfect thats why pencils have erasers but you have proved that you are perfect :-).

  2. hi where do i get buy some all paper jeans is it recycled paper dyeed blue paper cloth yeah they make you go through a maze to get their offers of free stuff

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