One of the buzzwords that I keep seeing mentioned by jeans manufacturers is “organic denim”. Now you can call me a cynic but I am not sure that this is because these companies actually care about the environment or because they are just looking to hop aboard any passing bandwagon. Levi’s are the latest company to announce that they will be including jeans made from 100% organic cotton in their Autumn 2006 product line. These jeans will be known as “Levi’s(R) Eco” and will include features such as a natural colored canvas “Levi’s(R)” tab and a “Two Horse Patch” made from 100% organic fabric to differentiate them from standard Levi’s. One thing I am sure of and that is that anything labelled “organic” is always priced at a premium, so expect to pay more for these jeans that your usual 501s.


  1. You know, regardless of why they’re doing it, I’m still thrilled to hear this–conventional cotton production uses a lot of chemicals. Organic jeans are pretty damn pricey though, so I’ll be interested to see the mark up.

    Still, I think it’s way cool, so thanks for letting me know!

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