Jordache were one of the first designer denim labels back in the 1980s, however in recent years they seem to have been left behind by all the younger, hipper premium denim brands. In order to turn the tide and get themselves noticed again they have signed up Liz Hurley as their new face. Now whilst there is no denying that Ms Hurley looks pretty fantastic for a forty year old I can’t help but think that if they wanted to raise their profile and sell more jeans it might have been wiser to choose someone a little younger.


  1. I agree that Liz Hurley defintely ages Jordache even more, plus she is not really one of those celebrites whom alot of women want to idolize.

  2. Didn’t her husband screw around on her with a transvestite?

    You know you are off of the supermodel list, when a guy woudl rather ball some hairey, muscular shemale, than you.

  3. As a 33 year old woman who is in better shape than 80 percent of the American teenage girls I see visiting Paris (they have ALL been fat..everyone I see)I have to say that

    1. body and style aware women in my age group will like the style of the new Jordache jean ..I do!

    2. fine Liz Hurley inspirational as far as maintaining ones body goes..I hope I look like her in seven years!

    From what I read in their press releases, Jordache is targeting women in my age group and socio-economic “schicht” therefore, Liz Hurley is a great choice as a spokesmodel.

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