Gap have launched a new TV advert titled “Jeans Take Shape” promoting their Autumn collection which they say is all about the silhouette rather than any particular style or wash. I’m not really too sure what the difference between a style and a silhouette is but anyway the two main women’s styles/silhouettes featured in the ad are boyfriend and skinny (see above), bootcut appears to have been banished for the time being.


  1. This month’s In-Style magazine featured that ad that shows the skinny jeans you mention here. However, the bootcut and flare are not “banished” or “over” as you claim. In-Style dedicated this issue to jean fit, and they are still recommending Joe’s Jeans Tricky Lover flare as the most flattering fit overall, along with several pages of bootcuts and flares for plus sizes and bottom-heavy girls. The issue also had high waist, low waist and everything in-between. Also, there was a custom jean that was aged and dyed like fine wine in a vat for many years. Check out this issue.

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