Skinny + Heels = Hot

Victoria Beckham

Skinny + Flats = Not

Claudia Schiffer

Scarlett Johansson

Keira Knightley

Mischa Barton

Carmen Electra

In her new style manual “That Extra Half Inch” Victoria Beckham states that she’d never team her flats with her signature skinny denim, for fear of looking “like a golf club”. Now Posh Spice might not have too much in the way of discernable talent but she does know a thing or two about jeans, so I have to agree with her on this matter. To prove the point here is a selection of celebs wearing skinny jeans and looking hot, whilst their showbiz sisters wearing flats look kind of goofy. The only thing to beware of when wearing skinny jeans and heels is to make sure that you don’t go too far and end up looking like a cheap 1980s hooker.


  1. claudia gorgeous, always beauty and cool, her espectacular career , she is tha best model in the history

  2. The skinny if for ladies that are tall or skinny. Except for Keira- may be it is just the angle, but her legs look short and her hips look wide. So much for the anorexic story.

  3. i think the look of victoria is horrible… not natural… i prefer claudia´s look… more natural an cool

  4. i think keira knightly (did i spell that right?) is gorgeous with her simple outfit. she is just plain beautiful with whatever she wears.

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