When it comes to denim Jessica Simpson can usually be seen in faded bootcuts. On a trip to Tampa’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino last week she decided to update her look by going for something altogether darker and sharper. Here she is wearing a very tight pair of 4″ Basic F Zigzag Skinny Jeans by Frankie B. There is no denying that she looks hot, however I can’t help being reminded of the character of Danny Zuko played by John Travolta in Grease.


  1. Love the Danny Zuko comparison! LOL!!! But yes, that’s a lot of black.

  2. I live in Tampa, and I don’t know when this pic was taken, but I’ve never seen anyone wear a black motorcycle jacket, black jeans, and a black tee during the day. Just goes to show you how retarded celebrities are. Just looking at that picture makes me start laughing because it’s so ridiculous! Do you know how freakin’ hot you would be in that?

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