A couple of months ago I mentioned that Levi’s had decided to create a special pair of iPod jeans. I was hoping that the blanket negative publicity that surrounded the original announcement may have made Levi’s realise the error of their ways and bury this idea. Unfortunately they decided to follow it through and the results are now available for everyone to see.

Usually anything associated with the iconic iPod benefits from some reflected cool but these jeans actually manage to have the reverse effect of making the the iPod look crappy. Everything about these jeans is wrong from the colour and horrible white stitching to the ugly pockets and what I assume is a remote control. These are the kind of jeans that if you wore them to school you would be justifiably bullied for the rest of the year because of it.


  1. yes, levis are having quite a tough time lately. i keep going into their retail stores hoping i’ll find “that pair” i can’t live without but also this is never the case. it’s a bummer because they have the opportunity to put out moderately priced, fashionable gear that relates to the fashionistas, but they’re just not hitting it right now. I used to only wear 569, but after trying Gstar and Diesel they are much too baggy…

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