If you are looking for the highest quality men’s selvage denim jeans then you are going to have to take a trip to Tokyo. Unlike the mass-manufactured American and European jeans Japanese denim brands produce their jeans the old fashioned way using antique looms and sewing machines. Getting your hands on a pair of these jeans is quite a challenge though as they are rarely stocked in shops outside of Japan and the the online stores in Japan that sell them are unwilling to send them abroad. The only sure way to get a pair is to go there yourself or to get someone who lives there to send you a pair. Until now that is. I have managed to import a small number of jeans from brands such as Sugarcane, Eternal, Denime, 45rpm and Studio D’Artisan and have put them up for sale on eBay. Stocks are currently extremely limited, so if you want to get yourself a pair be sure to put your bid in quick.