The Guardian has a typically snobby article warning of the death of denim. They claim this is down to the high price of premium denim combined with the sight of all the WAGs such are Victoria Beckham in their Rock & Republics at the World Cup. I would have to argue that the Posh Spice looking great in a pair of premium jeans is actually likely to sell more pairs rather than put people off them. In the end the article actually contradicts itself by saying – “of course, nobody is going to stop buying jeans altogether. Jeans are something you have to wear like knickers.” So maybe it’s not quite time to bin your favourite jeans just yet. If you have an opinion on the supposed death of denim why not share it on the Denimology forum.


  1. those old granny sunglasses are so cool! jk, thats the dumbest trend ive seen in a while. god she looks so stupid with those.

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