The San Francisco Chronicle has an interesting article about Lynn Downey the historian for Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco who is responsible for Levi’s extensive archives of clothing, photographs, posters and artifacts. The jewel in this amazing archive is the world’s oldest pair of Levi’s (see above) – a pair “XX,” one-pocket jeans, which date back to 1879 and are valued at $125,000. Unfortunately the archive is not open to members of the public, however there is a permanent display of choice pieces from the collection in the lobby of the Levi’s Heaquarters in San Francisco.


  1. i have a late 1960 mans Levi denim jacket in excellent was my husbands and hardly ever worn.normally i would not ell it, but since i am now a widow of less than a year on a tight fixed income,this could be a neccesity. what proce could I ask.and how is the best way to sell

  2. Where can I get any info on vintage jeans? I have a 1956 vintage Lee Riders jacket in my closet. Anybody know is its worth anything?

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