I’ve never really been much of a fan of Diesel men’s jeans, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is but they always look a bit too fashion victim-y for my liking. Judging by their recent catwalk show in New York I won’t be changing my opinion anytime soon. Diesel are still pushing some very distressed styles which look dated compared to the more dark and modern looking raw denim jeans from the likes of Nudie and APC.


  1. APC jeans look so cheap, there´s no reason to pay for cheap looking jean the amount of $160!
    Nudie on the other hand have really cool jeans, great washes and fits.
    In my opinion diesel have the best fits and tons of washes to choose from.

  2. How can you compare APC to Diesel? It’s apples and oranges. Two completely different consumers.

  3. I own nudies, levis, and diesel. A lot more diesel. If you take the time to go to a diesel store, you’ll see that they have a cut and wash for just about every taste. Their runway stuff is WAY dissimilar from what they generally sell in their stores. This upcoming season is a lot of dark mature washes. Check out the trouleg in 8ab

  4. If you were a true denim fan you wouldn’t compare Diesel to any other denim brands. Go to the store and you will see what i’m talking about!

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