These days there are so many companies out there producing premium denim that if you are going to launch a new jeans brand you had better have a unique selling point. The Proportion Of Blu definetly have one of those and it isn’t just the cumbersome name, these jeans are inspired by the Golden Ratio, a naturally reoccurring sequence of measurements which is found in many places in nature such as the shape of our DNA, the spiral of a Nautilus shell, the pattern in a sunflower and even the Great Pyramids. The men’s collection features some pretty good looking slim cut raw denim jeans (see above) which despite the Golden Ratio inspiration look pretty similar in cut and colour to Nudies or APCs, which in my book is a good thing.


  1. My Cousin owns proportion of blu, they are, AMAZING! Shes always sending us pairs, deff. buy them they are perfect!

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