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APO Jeans – The Premium Denim

APO Jeans – The Premium Denim


Are you worried that your premium denim is not premium enough? Then APO Jeans could be what you are looking for. These guys make personalized designer jeans featuring silver, gold, platinum and diamond buttons and rivets. Each pair of jeans can cost anything up to $4000+ and are so exclusive they come with their own Authenticity Number as well as an Appraisal Sheet from a top Jeweler in the NY diamond district.


  1. I met a man in a coffee shop yesterday in a suburb north of Chicago. He had on a nice dark pair of Rustler straight leg dark indigo jeans. The material was nice and thick, although the denim was not yet soft since the jeans were new and unwashed. He told me he paid only $8 for these jeans on sale at Kmart. His bargain made me realize how foolish and wasteful I’ve been for paying $200 for James Dry Aged, and even $100 for True Religion Joeys on sale, just to get a fashionable wash and a “soft, premium denim.” Whatever happened to softening your jeans by wearing them naturally? He got a great deal and probably has more money in the bank than I do. Unless you are in Donald Trump’s league, it is foolish to spend this kind of money on jeans.

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