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Celeb Denim – Ashley Olsen / Earnest Sewn

Celeb Denim – Ashley Olsen / Earnest Sewn


Considering that Ashley Olsen is such a fashionista it is suprising she has never been featured on Denimology before. I think that may have something to do with the fact that she tends to wear grungy baggy tops which have the annoying tendency to obscure the labels and back pockets of her jeans meaning that they cannot be indentiified. Luckily on this trip to the florist to buy her her own height and weight in flowers she was wearing a short jacket meaning that it was easy to identify that she was wearing a pair of Earnest Sewn Skinny Jeans.


  1. Ernest Sewn is getting so much positive press lately, I went to Neiman Marcus to try on a pair. Unfortunately, it was a no-go for my size 8 figure. Too short in the crotch, too tight overall, back pocket placement too low. A very overrated jean. I had better luck with James Jeans in Dry Aged straight fit.

  2. FYI, this isnt ashley olsen. this is mary kate olsen. ashley is the blonde olsen, and mary kate is the brunette. and i love your site. i check up here every week to see whats going on in the denim world.

  3. Jadyn, they did a switch-a-roo on us all, now Ashley’s a brunette and MK’s a sickly blonde. Anyway, this picture proves that shoes really do make the outfit. There wasn’t anything else special going on.

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