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Celeb Denim – Lindsay Lohan / Chloe Jeans

Celeb Denim – Lindsay Lohan / Chloe Jeans


A couple of months ago I posted these photos of Kate Moss wearing some vintage Chloe Jeans. It seems like she isn’t the only one that is swapping her skinny jeans for a pair of high waisted flares. I received the above photo of Lindsay Lohan in the same pair of Chloe Jeans from an eagle-eyed Denimology reader. For those of you who fancy getting a pair of these jeans I am afraid the bad news though is that Chloe are no longer making them. However the good news is that TopShop (the company Kate Moss is currently designing a range of clothing for) are selling this very similar pair for the bargain price of £40.


  1. I have the Joe’s Muse jean bought 2 years ago, and it is still in stores because it is a classic. It looks a lot like the Chloe jean. It has a 9″ rise and a loose, straight leg with a wide 20″ opening. It is available in a faded color. You don’t have to order from London’s Top Shop to get this look. The Muse is available at Macy’s, or wherever Joe’s Jeans are sold.

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