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Celebrity Denim Overdose – Genetic Denim

Celebrity Denim Overdose – Genetic Denim

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you are a new denim brand the best way to ensure maximum publicity is to get some Hollywood hottie to squeeze herself into your jeans. Genetic Denim took this principle to its logical conclusion and invited a boatload of celebrity party girls to their One Year Anniversary Party. Guests included Jamie-Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos (see above), Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Trachtenberg, Kristin Cavallari and inevitably Lindsay Lohan. There is something about this company that doesn’t quite ring true, they actually seem more like a party company that makes a few jeans rather than a jeans company that throws the occasional party. Even their own website has more photos of the parties they have thrown than the jeans they have produced – which must tell you something.


  1. I own two pairs of dark-rinse Genetic Denim jeans, flared and straight-leg (aka skinny), and they’re super-soft and flattering. They have bright yellow stitching, but no feathering or distressing.

    But I agree that the ones in these pics are not that flattering.

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