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Denim Crimes – Scarlett Johansson

Denim Crimes – Scarlett Johansson


Like many people when I watched Lost In Translation I fell in love with Scarlett Johansson or at least the character she played. Since then I pretty much she figured she could do no wrong (although let’s not mention The Island). However there is no forgiving the horrendous pair of high-waisted jeans that she modelled at an Imitation Of Christ catwalk show. It just goes to show that the wrong pair of jeans can even make one of the most beautiful women in the world look dumpy and ordinary.


  1. She looks amazing in a Marilyn Monroe way. Why anyone would think this woman looks ordinary is beyond me. I know of a few trailer parks where women wear super low rise, tight faded jeans and belly shirts that you are fond of. Maybe that is your ideal.

  2. where this outfit really misses is in the top. horrific indeed, but high-waisted JEANS doesn’t look awful in all cases…it’s just another one of those peg-leg-exclusive-like trends.

  3. She has exactly the kind of body to wear those jeans. Curveless stick-figures can’t fill them out. How does she look dumpy and ordinary?

  4. Uhh you think she looks dumpy and ordinary? You’re a gay guy or a straight chick right? Because we straight guys and lezzies would eat her with a spoon!

  5. I disgaree with you completely, I actually think she looks amazing in them. They show off her waist and curves in a very “marilyn monroe” kind of way…actually Mariyln Monroe was thicker and much curvier than Scarlett.

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