This week’s Designer Q&A is with David Lim, Designer of Kasil Jeans.

1) Why do you think after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing.

    Jeans are a part of American history, since the days of the coal miners to the runways. It’s a classic that will remain a part of our history and future.

2) Last time I counted there were over 50 brands of premium denim jeans, what makes your jeans stand out from the rest.

    True, maybe by the time I finish writing this sentence another denim brand will be born. What seems to be happening now is brands are trying to out do each other with bells and whistles to draw attention to their product. We really stand behind the quality and the details we put into our jeans. Our jeans are more subtle when it comes to the details, and that is what we have become known for.

3) Who do you imagine is your typical customer.

    Someone who understands premium quality and appreciates a great fit. We are not looking for the customer to buy jeans for the name; we want the ones that pay attention to the product.