I thought it might be interesting to find out who the readers of this site thought was the Celebrity Denim Icon for 2006. When I say Denim Icon I mean the person who wore their jeans with the most style over the past 12 months. Seeing as this is my site I am going forget all about being impartial and cast the first vote for Victoria Beckham (seen above in a pair of Superfine skinny jeans). I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one but I think that when it comes to her choice of jeans she always looks impeccable. The rest of her outfits might look like a little too much effort went into them but when it comes to denim she knows what suits her – skinny jeans tucked into high-heeled boots. Do you agree or disagree? Please nominate your Denim Icon For 2006 by leaving a comment. To remind yourself of who wore what in 2006 check out the Celebrity Denim Archive. I will announce the winner sometime before Xmas.

Voting Closed – Click Here For Winner


  1. Kate Moss – she started the skinny jean thing, now it looks like she’s starting the wide jean thing.

  2. My Denim icon is Kate Moss
    She broke the grey sass and bides in this country, which I love and wear all the time.
    I don’t want skinny jeans to go out of fashion!!

  3. kate moss..she started the skinny thing and basically killed it by wearing high waisted wide leg jeans…

  4. Icon: Definitely Victoria Beckam. She has the most variety, and is always ahead of the denim curve…she is the reigning “Denim Queen”…Lindsay has more style overall, but in denim-speak she is a close second!

  5. Victoria has my vote, but what about Jessica Simpson, I can;t remember a picture of her NOT wearing True Religion Jeans!

  6. Kate Moss is a Denim Diva and Uber Jean Queen. Everyone runs out to buy whatever brand of jeans she’s wearing.

    Get over your fixation on an anorexic child-woman in skinny jeans! Victoria Beckham is nothing more than a fashion victim with osteoporosis and emaciated limbs. Her R&R jeans look and feel awful. That’s why they’re in the clearance rack.

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