This week’s Q & A is with Ronan, Loomstate and Edun Designer, Ronan Gregory .

1) Why do you think after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?

    Practical, functional, easy to wear and always sexy

2) Last time I counted there were over 50 brands of premium denim jeans, what makes your jeans (Loomstate and Edun) stand out from the rest?

    Loomstate : organic, americana feeling, classic denim

    Edun is a for profit business that works on a micro-level to help build the skill set of our factory base. Equally, Edun acts as a voice to encourage the fashion community to do business in Africa as a means to bring the continent out of extreme poverty. Edun works on the basis of trade vs aid to help build sustainable communities. We currently produce in India, Peru, Tunisia, Kenya, Lesotho, and Madagascar.

3) Who do you imagine is a typical (Loomstate and Edun) customer?

    Edun & Loomstate : Someone who cares just as much about the aesthetic of there clothing as they do about how and where it is produced.

4) Where do you get your inspiration from?

    Edun: Nature at Night


  1. Edun hasn’t officially gone out of business yet, but their jeans aren’t selling. They have to re-design, come up with additional financing, and/or increase celeb endorsement if they want to remain in business another year.

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