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High Waisted Jeans For 2007

High Waisted Jeans For 2007

Grey Ant Jeans

Yet more evidence that high waisted jeans are making a return comes courtesy of the “My Denim Sweetheart
photospread shot by Terry Richardson for the January 2007 issue of Vogue Japan. One of the brands at the forefront of this new trend is Grey Ant Jeans which was set up by Grant Krajecki who got his start costuming Hollywood stars These jeans are certainly not for the faint hearted and I cannot help but be reminded of the sartorially challenging world of 1970s mail order catalogues.


  1. i have they are awesome…esp grey ant ones…if you wear it with stilleto sandals , makes your ass look great

  2. High-waisted jeans are definitely not a “look” for everyone, but I like that there are soo many jeans options now that everyone can wear designer jeans, yet still look like an individual.

  3. The Grey Ant jeans are awesome! There is a new denim brand and i forget the name, but their high waist shorts and jeans for spring 2007 are the best! when i remember the name is this denim line i will notify.

  4. I love LOVE the look of these! Can anyone give me a size comparison/ I mean, how do they fit? I wear a 25 in Earnest Sewn, Chip n Pepper, seven, a 26 in Paige, and a 0 or 2 in pants, but I have thighs. I haven’t seen these in store (in nyc, but I haven’t searched). I was going to just order online. Are they for skinny thighed girls only, and do they fit on the small side, regular size, or large? And how do they fit in the thigh? Thanks!

  5. I saw a pic of some Diesel’s on Susie Bubble’s blog and they’re fantastic but I can’t find them anywhere online. Any help?

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