I thought I knew all the celebrity denim labels that were out there but this week I stumbled across House Of Dereon
– the clothing brand developed by Beyonce and her mother. This label has been around since 2005 and seems to be aimed squarely at a mainstream female audience as the jeans are “darted at the back to accomodate natural body curves” and are priced under $100. The jeans themselves are not going to win any awards but at least it looks like some of Beyonce’s own personality went into the designs which is more than can be said for a lot of celebrity denim brands.


  1. …but at least it looks like some of Beyonce’s own personality went into the designs… You mean some of her ass went into the designs? SCNR šŸ™‚

    I don’t get these celeblabels. Why not leaving the business to the real designers and focus on the very own?

  2. I have about 20 pairs of vintage Levis jeans that I have out grown and would like to sell. I really hate to part with them but they have that “VERY OLD USED LOOK”.
    I noticed some of the prices these are bringing and would like to know where I can sell these. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Joel

  3. Does anyone know about the durability of House of Dereon clothing? I just bought the Royal Luxe tunic jacket and am wondering how long it will last.

  4. i think that Dereon and HOD are really good brands! where can i get them in UK?

    (reply to Simon, the very first commenter)
    AND…. celebreties can do whatever they want!! they can design,model,sing,act and all these as companies will ask them for contract or whatever… i mean, who wouldnt say no to the contract beyonce made with loreal for $4 million???

    sometimes, people need to understand celebrities better…

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