Competition for the 2006 World’s Skinniest Jeans Award has been fierce. For a while it looked like Nicole Richie would walk away with it, however Mark Kate Olsen has won the judges vote after stunning them with a late burst of activity this week. In the last 7 days she has been spotted out twice in a pair of jeans that are actually tighter than her own skin.


  1. I think she may have beaten Victoria Beckham for the skinniest, ugliest anorexic look in jeans. This is pathetic. The next thing will be concentration camp fashion.

  2. Can’t you say ugly,that is the skinny jans. she is so gorgeus and I personaly think she makes a good ro madlle.SOOOOOOOOO take toose skinny jans off and put something else on because thoose are a horrible thing ot where.

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