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J Brand Jeans have had a great year, their women’s jeans have been a massive hit and now to capitalize on that success they have launched a men’s line. These jeans stay true to J Brand’s principles of making simple, unfussy, classic looking skinny jeans. The men’s collection goes from slim bootcut to straight leg to slim leg and is named after suitably iconic and skinny celebrities that were at their peak in the 1970s – Clint Eastwood (bootcut), Mick Jagger (staight leg) and Iggy Pop (slim). These are jeans that mean business, like the celebs they are named after.They are lean, mean and carry no excess weight – and if you are hoping to fit into a pair you had better make sure that you don’t either.


  1. I like the Clint, but Mick and Iggy look a little tight. When will this skinny jean fad end?

  2. When will it end? It just got here! Men have been wearing oversized rapper-looking baggy jeans down to their knees for well over a decade now. Enough is enough. I can’t remember the last time men wore nice tight jeans that fit–maybe 1980 or so. Chicago men have been slow to adopt the skinny jean trend, but I saw it on the street last week. It is about time! It was nice to see it on a tall, thin man. Bring it on!

  3. the bootcut looks nice…the other 2 are hideous…i dont see any straight regular guys , also the skinny trend is dead officially.

  4. I think they look fine if accompanied by leather shoes, like the ones paired with the straight leg. It’s the Converse shoes that might add a weird shape to the overall skinny look. Hopefully the skinny trend isn’t a fad, would be nice if it’s become classic!

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