A while ago I reported about the most searched for jeans according to Yahoo, suprisingly in the No3 position (above Levi’s and Diesel) was the little known brand Red Monkey Company Jeans. Now I hadn’t come across these jeans in the shops so I decided to do a little research and find out why they were so in demand. Red Monkey Company Jeans are the brainchild of Martin Ksohoh from Hong Kong and are made from specially engineered cotton from China which is woven and dyed using the indigo rope dying method to produce high quality and unique denim. The jeans also carry a very distinctive embroidered Japanese influenced back pocket designs of geishas, crashing waves and dragons.

Obviously these are some pretty special jeans but this alone doesn’t explain why a niche denim brand should be so popular on Yahoo. Well it turns out that Red Monkey Jeans are a favourite with the likes of Jay Z and Sean Combs, as well as being mentioned in the lyrics of the song by Ghost Is Back by Ghostface Killah. Which just goes to show the enormous influence of hip hop these days.

Getting your hands on pair of these jeans is not that easy, they are made in extremely limited editions, are only stocked in a few shops and retail at around the £300 ($600) mark. Before you part with your hard earned cash you should read this guide to spotting fake Red Monkey Jeans as there appear to be a lot of fakes around especially on eBay. Alternatively you could buy them from Amazon.com which seems to be the only site selling the guaranteed authentic Red Monkey Jeans.


  1. those are pretty hideous but i guess since jay-z is wearing them, everyone will love ’em.

  2. those are pretty hideous but i guess since jay-z is wearing them, everyone will love ’em.

  3. I’m pretty sure the overall quality is decent (probably above average) but from a purely design/style point of view these RM jeans are desperately derivative hip hop crapbags and the garish pocket designs doesn’t make it any better as far as I’m concerned.

    Jay-Z should stick to the Samurais he was recently seen rocking.

  4. no man, if jay-z wears samurai then the integrity of the brand has been tarnished. i don’t think he really appreciates the quality, he’d be just as happy in some gap selvedges with some garish design on the back pockets if he was under the impression that they were exclusive.

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