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Victoria Beckham To Sue Rock & Republic?

Victoria Beckham To Sue Rock & Republic?


According to today’s Sunday Mirror, Victoria Beckham (pictured earlier this week looking like Dracula in a black cape and skinny jeans) is threatening to sue Rock & Republic for whom she designed a range of jeans. A legal source is quoted as saying “Victoria Beckham’s lawyers and accountants believe the range to have been far more successful than anyone imagined – and that Victoria is owed tens of millions of pounds.” It is believed that Victoria is about to announce a deal with Western Glove Works Ltd (the family run business behind 1921 Jeans) to produce her own line of DVB branded jeans.


  1. The Dracula cape does cover up her skinny bones, but I think an Elvira-type outfit would suit her much better. Maybe even a skeleton suit.

    Ms. Beckham and her lawyers have an exagerrated sense of her self-worth. Her R&R jeans flopped with consumers. I saw racks of them on clearance at Macy’s in Chicago. The jeans were thin, cheap, stiff, and heavily acid-washed. She foolishly believed consumers would pay a premium to wear this crap, with her giant initials all over the rump, an outdated 1980s trend. Pity the 1921 jeans company did not learn something from this debacle, and cancel their future business dealings with her.

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