Imperial Junkie is a brand new denim label out of LA that has just launched its first range of eye-catching men’s jeans. These jeans have been created by Ruben Campos, a veteran of the denim business who understands that denim aficionados will appreciate details such as extra thick three ply thread stitching, ten inch gel prints on the inside of the bottom of the leg, patterned pockets, star-shaped rivets and most important of all top quality Japanese selvedge denim.


  1. heya imperial junkie please may you try to have bettere ranges of jeans because im a small teenager and dont fit into big adult sizes would you be able to stock more of the 29 inche legs in more of your top selling jeans for egsample (imperial junkie the i love toy jean ) i love the look of this type of jeannbut im to small to wear them i hope you understand my veiw and will take it into account. jordam

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