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Levi’s & The Lawsuits

Levi’s & The Lawsuits

Last week I reported that Levi’s was sueing a couple of US shops along with a number of Japanese denim brands for trademark infringement. This week The New York Times has an in depth article detailing Levi’s recent history of lawsuits – almost 100 since 2001. Their general conclusion seems to be that since Levi’s missed the boat on the whole premium denim explosion they are now getting their own back by sueing anything bearing even the slighest resemblance to their logos, labels or stitching (see above). To obtain a login to read this article click here.


  1. Gotta wonder why LS&CO isn’t taking True Religion down for the use of the arcuate on Joey flap jeans and also the use of the twisted seam, also a patent held by LS&CO.

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