This week’s designer Q & A is with Mark Wiesmayr who is the Denim Director at Sass & Bide.

1) Why do you think after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?

    I think they have been accepted as a co-ordinate/basic after their long history, and whilst mainly indigo in various guises, I believe their indigo-ness and even their fade thru dark incarnations are now accepted as part of a monochromatic palette… therefore they work with everything. Their basic-ness makes them an easy wardrobe staple. They don’t have to clash with an ensemble, they blend if necessary. Jeans wear and age with us, the fact is their wear is an accepted seductive quality to us. The fact that historically the jean has been a figurehead of celebrities though cinema, music, era’s of revolt and fashion’s own whims ensure they have paid their dues as a stalwart of our attire, and those same incarnations give great footholds for us as we develop our fabrics and styling for the now and the future.

2) Last time I counted there were over 50 brands of premium denim jeans, what makes your jeans stand out from the rest?

    I believe sass & bide has its own high end footing, and whilst a relative newcomer in the grand scale of brands, we aren’t any newcomer to those that have had their eyes on great denims for the last near decade. Our brand has always been one for the girl that has something and wants to show it. sass & bide understand a good cut enhances everything about the wearer’s own personality, and will attract attention to them in the way anyone does great art or aesthetics. We cut our jeans on real figures, and test them so our fabrics and our make stands up to the stretching out in a day’s wear that most jeans companies don’t attend to enough. We use techniques that cost a little more (fitted waistbands, cut on the straight, so waistbands don’t sag out), we ensure our girls have jeans that fit even those blessed with forever legs, and we are always working on silhouettes that are going to be the next big “it fit”. When Heidi and Sarah-Jane commenced the label with their first jeans, girls immediately noticed their style, and the zeitgeist of the brand made inroads amongst the cognescenti and the aspirational alike…. and we still cater to the leaders in the premium denim market. Our range seasonally scours the offerings from the best mills of the world, and then we develop our finishes and fits, and that offering always captures some of the leading edges the rest of the market often can’t cater to. We are always striving to offer a little edge, yet realizing the best pair of jeans is one that is able to be worn every day under a variety of guises.

3) Who do you imagine is a typical sass & bide customer?

    A girl woman that loves to look great, very knowledgable of the market’s great brands and directions that haven’t yet become trends. Beauty is a quality she lives with, not aspires to, and we are part of how she presents her beauty. Our customer also appreciates fun, and can laugh at a feeling, not being precious. Any woman that appreciates time spent on fit and the finest attention to detail will give her a look that will be beautiful, sexy and mostly always svelte. Our girls are out at the clubs, in the shows, shopping the best stores, eating at the best restaurants….digging the new music from the pop girls to the alternative folkie and rock boys.


  1. Great interview!

    I’m including a link to it for my Weekend Pulse of the Blogosphere on the main blog for Pierce Mattie PR. Look for it 2/26. 🙂

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