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Designer Q & A – Evisu

Designer Q & A – Evisu

This week’s Designer Q & A is with Johnny, the Head Designer at Evisu.

1) Why do you think after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?

    Jeans haven’t always been popular, but have evolved over time. They were once strictly work wear worn by people who needed clothes that would not fall apart and would withstand physical labor. They were then adopted by American youth as a bold anti-establishment icon, and then later have gone through every conceivable fashion genre from catwalk to grunge and everything in between. On top of all that you can get jeans in countless washes, colors, and finishes. You could argue that its more to do with the versatility of denim as a clothing fabric as oppose to the popularity of the 5 pocket.

2) Last time I counted there were over 50 brands of premium denim jeans, what makes your jeans stand out from the rest?

    We have a saying at Evisu which is “Before anyone did anything, Evisu did everything”. This refers to our origins in 1988 when our founder Hidehiko Yamane was inspired by the beauty of vintage jeans, but unable to buy new jeans that had the same quality. Since then, Evisu has pioneered countless unique approaches to denim, styles, and washes, and has always remained an important part of the business, which has been done years before any of the other premium jeans brands were started. Evisu stands out for this commitment to quality and innovation, which is something a lot of the other brands are just mimicking.