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Gilded Age Men’s Premium Denim

Gilded Age Men’s Premium Denim


Gilded Age is relatively new men’s premium denim label that was founded by Stefan Miljanic who previously held top design positions at Abercrombie, Banana Republic and Calvin Klein. His goal is to create a brand that “combines metropolitan sensibility with East Coast lifestyle” which I think translates to meaning a higher-end version of Abercrombie & Fitch. The is a brand that is influenced by the early 20th century weaving, spinning and dying techniques meaning that the jeans are hand crafted not mass produced. Judging by the look of the jeans, this effort is well spent as they have produced some great natural looking aged denim. Unsurprisingly all the care and attention that is lavished on these jeans means they don’t come cheap, prices start at $400 and go up to $700.


  1. hi. i loved your site!! call me a village people, i’s amazed as to how many good jeans r out there. i’m wondering if u can help me out here. would u know wat brand/type of jeans ryan reynold is wearing in d picture? coz it looks so cool! (i’s thinking if anyone can help me out, u’d be d only one!!) thanks!

    o. another question. i’m tall n skinny. not much of a butt. any jeans recommendation? thanks again.


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