A couple of month ago I signed up to ReviewMe which is a service that allows people to submit things to be reviewed online. I had completeley forgotten about it when earlier this week I got an email saying that online fashion retailer Electric Ladyland had requested a review. Not only that but they were willing to pay me cold hard cash for the privilige, well that sounds like a win-win situation to me, so here goes.

The first thing you notice about Electric Ladyland is that this is not your common or garden, sterile-looking online store with no character. The design immediately gives you strong impression of what this store is all about – sexy maximimalist, rock star, boho-hippy chic.

Great Wall 7 for all Mankind – Boot Cut Eagle Claw Jean

So what about the stuff they sell, well I am no expert on dresses, bags or jewellery so I am going to skip those sections. The heart of this site as far as I am concerned is their Denim Shop which stocks all the leading brands including True Religion, Rock & Republic, 7 For All Mankind, Frankie B and J Brand. Electric Ladyland.com seem to specialise in a partcular type of what I would call California Rock Star Denim which means it is comes faded and with lots of embellishments, patches, studs, applique, stitching and back pocket designs (see above). If you like your denim to come ready accessorized then this is the place definetly for you.

If you have something denim related that you would like me to review on Denimology then please feel free to contact me via ReviewMe.


  1. I love this store. I am in Scottsdale Arizona and they have stores in the malls and standalone stores. Their stores actually look like their website, very flashy.

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