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Designer Q & A – LoFli

Designer Q & A – LoFli


This week’s Designer Q & A is with Sheel Khemka, Creative Director of Lofli Denim.

1) Why do you think after 200 years jeans are still one of the most popular items of clothing?

    They are multi-purpose and hard-wearing, suitable both as casual-wear and evening-wear.

2) Last time I counted there were over 50 brands of premium denim jeans, what makes your jeans stand out from the rest?

    Lofli only uses the highest grade denim cloth, unique dark washes, and a fabulous fit on the female form, offering both comfort and a flattering outline that is unparalleled in the industry today.

3) Who do you imagine is a typical customer?

    Lofli believe they attract the type of woman who takes pride in her appearance and who is always seeking perfection.