Fake RMC Red Monkey Jeans

Regular readers of this site may remember that I posted a couple of news items relating to Red Monkey Ganga Jean (see above) and Wu Tang Jeans (see below). Well it turns out that although these jeans are being sold by a reputable store they are both fakes. Confirmation of this comes from the designer himself – Martin Ksohoh who you can see below giving these crappy fake jeans the thumbs down. Here are some tips of what to look out for when purchasing RMC Red Monkey Jeans:

  1. Must have leather patch, not pvc on waist band.
  2. Must have individual laser cut serial numbers on the patch.
  3. Must be made in Hong Kong.
  4. Selvedge must be red and green and not just red
  5. Denim must be made out of unbleached cotton (inside has yellowish tint) and not bleached cotton (inside is whitesh or blue white colour).
  6. Any questions contact the owners [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

Alternatively, to be sure that you are getting genuine RMC Jeans, make sure you buy them from Togged.com


Fake RMC Red Monkey Jeans


RMC Founder, Martin Ksohoh with fake jeans.