Yesterday The News Of The World reported that LA store Kitson was dropping the dVb by Victoria Beckham denim collection because she had been unwilling to come and promote the line in-store. This story was soon picked up and re-published all over the internet. The only problem is that the story isn’t true.

Today have the real story having actually spoken to Kitson’s owner Fraser Ross. He is quoted as saying “She’s not supporting the line. It’s not good for her brand and not good for her endorsements. In a tough economy, you need to be in partnership with the people that are selling your line to your fans” however he confirmed that he is not dropping the line “We haven’t dumped it. Hopefully there will be some kind of resolution.”

And if you need anymore proof that this story is untrue all you have to do is pay a visit to Kitson where they still have a full selection of dVb denim.