Heidi Klum is the latest in a very long line of celebrities to launch her own range of jeans. The line is rather imaginatively called Heidi Klum and is a produced in conjunction with Jordache the company for whom she is currently spokesmodel.


  1. Hi,

    Today went to the store and my eye caught Heidi Klum’s Elli boot-cut jeans. Tried them on and didn’t want to take them off. I am very picky as far as the jeans go, because I can’t wear most of them, they feel like they rub you know where and cause me irritation. Finally my ob-gyn told to me to ban all the jeans out of my wardrobe before the irritation turns into something more serious.
    So anyway, I don’t know what they did, perhaps the addition of Lycra to the cotton, but it did the trick – they are the softest and most flexible jean I ever wore. They fit nice, beautiful color and move with you like it is your second skin.

    Thank you Heidi for all your work!!!

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