Every now and again along comes a company claiming to have made the worlds’s most expensive jeans. The reason these jeans are so expensive is usually because they have diamonds attached to them. The most recent company to claim the title are The Secret Circus Clothing Company who have produced a pair of jeans which have 15 diamonds attached to the back pockets. According to them these jeans have been sold to an anonymous buyer for $1,000,000. Call me an old cynic but this sounds to me like a tidy bit of marketing spin to me. All you have to do is borrow some diamonds, stick them on a pair of jeans, tell everyone you have sold them jeans to a mystery bidder for a million dollars and bingo you get loads of free publicity. When all the fuss dies down the mystery bidder never materializes, you give the diamonds back and continue with the business of selling regular jeans for a regular price from your now much more well known brand.