Day 7 and the final entry of Denim Shorts Week features Alexa Chung an ex-model and now up and coming TV presenter who is known for always being stylishly turned out. So it comes as no suprise that even though she was roughing it in Glastonbury (with boyfriend Alex Turnder, lead singer of Arctic Monkeys) she still looked every inch the hipster IT-girl in a pair of Acne high-waisted shorts.


  1. She is Stunning. I can not believe this guy gets to date her!!

    I heard she has Body-Dismophia, were you find no matter how good you look that your ugly. Michael Jackson had it.

    Her face is perfect, her eyes are like an angel, her BF is an ugly dork.

  2. Her bf is the lead singer of one of the most successful british indie rock bands ever, i think he can date whoever the hell he wants

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